In protected areas are established the following rules and recommendations governing the activities of visitors.

  • Respect the general and specific regulations of the national park.
  • Maintain clean and tidy and leave the premises and facilities they can use. (Dining areas).
  • Visitors can travel only on routes and trails authorized
  • It is strictly forbidden to cause damage to infrastructure, vegetation, animals or other resources of the area.
  • It is forbidden to remove firewood from the forest and around campfires and purposes of any kind.
  • In the national parks is prohibited consumption of alcohol and other drugs
  • No integration of areas with pets of any kind.
  • In accordance with the laws of the government of Costa Rica in national parks is not allowed to hunt or remove any object or material, however minimal.
  • Respect the safety standards for visitors, both written and orally imparted to officials areas, are obligatory.



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